About Marie

Art By Atcheson image of painter

The inspiration for my paintings has come from my love of horses and animals, these were the first things I drew as a child.  Immortalising someone’s beloved pet or horse in a painting says much more than a photograph ever could. I have exhibited in Kirkcubright and Pitlochery and also sold original works to throughout the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Bulgaria.

My oil paintings are very traditional and can be displayed in  almost any setting, and I do all of my commissions in oil or acrylic.  I work on traditional canvas and work with customers to determine the finished framed artwork. I tend to choose the framing which most compliments the painting, (if the client wishes it framed) a frame can either make or break a painting. I have also undertaken portraits on modern chunky canvas, which do not require a frame.

I tend to use acrylics for landscapes, sunsets and woodlands, dogs and in my Rainbow collection as they enable me to create more quickly and produce stand out and eye catching pieces.

I started painting custom pieces on milkchurns a few years ago.  These pieces I do in hammerite painted backgrounds, then I use acrylics to create whatever picture the customer wants.  The final churns are then varnished to seal them for outdoor use.

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