image of dog amongst the grass

I undertake commissions from good quality, clear photographs.  Your commission can be done on any size of canvas you require up to 4 feet and can also be framed.  Modern chunky canvases do not need to be framed.

Below is a rough guide to the most popular sizes, prices may vary depending on the subject.


Size Price (from) Description Framed (from) p & p
12″ x 12″ £125.00 small single head study £165.00 tba
12″ x 16″ £145.00 single head study £185.00 tba
16″ x 16″ £185.00 single head study £225.00 tba
16″ x 20″ £245.00 double head study £310.00 tba
16″ x 20″ £365.00 treble head study £445.00 tba
16″ x 20″ £365.00 landscape/portrait study £445.00 tba
18″ x 24″ £465.00 landscape/portrait study £565.00 tba
Item Front only Description All Round p & p
Churns £385.00 Bespoke £485.00 £25.00 (UK)


Please contact me via either via email or phone to discuss composition, medium, the size that you want and framing.
Photographs need to be high quality and can be sent digitally via Email, preferably a half dozen including the photo from which the painting is to be done.

The majority of my commissions are done in Acrylic for quickness and thriftiness. If you require an oil painting please be aware that this will take longer to dry, up to and beyond six months to fully dry and will be slightly more expensive.

I currently have a three to four month waiting list for commissions.